Ryan and Alex Get Engaged! #MastorMoment

iphone gimbal stabilizer

Master The Moment

Ryan and Alex got engaged on a gorgeous early Fall day in Southern California. Ryan surprised Alex by taking her on a coastal adventure with her best friends and blindfolding her as he walked her to a bluff during sundown. We’re happy to report… she said… YES!

The story behind Mastor:

We were tasked with crafting a creative spot between 1-2 minutes showcasing a new iPhone Steadicam from Mastor, a tech company based in Hong Kong. The product is designed to make shooting iPhone video smoother and easier. It gives you more control and allows fluid pans, pushes, and pulls.

We wanted to show the way a prospective customer could potentially use the device by capturing the moments that matter–like when your best friends get engaged. During the story boarding process, the words being thrown around were:

  • balance
  • focus
  • perfect
  • moments
  • master
  • masterful
  • clear
  • easy

In the end, “Master The Moments” seemed like a nice play on the name of the brand, and addresses the reason anyone would buy this device – to shoot masterful video. Or, at the very least, better video.

The device is still in development and refining and we’ll be sure to share with you when it’s hitting the shelves.

For a review of the day and some technical details you can check out our recap of the shoot day here.

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