Dani & Jimmy Married in Temecula, California

Ahhh, October Weddings!

This was one of the few Weddings we booked without meeting the couple first, and whenever that happens we thank the couple tremendously for placing their faith in us just from a few email conversations and browsing of our website. Dani is a friend of one of Hailee’s childhood friends. Her and Jimmy live in Chicago so a face to face meeting wasn’t really in the cards.

They were married at the Temecula Inn on a gorgeous October day. What a gorgeous venue with a rustic, homey feel. The couple was wonderful to spend the day with — super laid back and a joy to photograph. Like most of our couples, they told us how much they don’t enjoy getting their photograph taken and then once they saw the photos they realized they are naturals!

Dani looked stunning and elegant and Jimmy was all smiles seeing his Bride so happy. As always, it was an honor to be a part of their day.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

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