FAQ Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY STYLE OF PHOTOGRAPHY? We describe our work as photojournalistic, candid, and honest. Sure, we’ll do the posey stuff and make sure we stage the important shots, but we feel the “real moments” are the most interesting. To us, being “honest’ photographers means capturing the moments as they happen and using natural light whenever possible. We don’t try to create a mood that doesn’t exist, unless directed otherwise.

DO YOU ONLY PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS? No. Some couples want a wedding photographer who specializes in weddings and weddings only. We think that’s boring, but that’s just our opinion. We’ve photographed: couples for engagement shoots, portrait sessions for families, events for major corporations, baby showers, celebrities for fitness magazines, demonstrated product capabilites for SHOP NBC, and have multiple cameras attached to us whenever we travel. We feel the variety of environments and moods makes us better photographers than just focusing on a specific type.

DOES EACH PACKAGE INCLUDE TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS? YES, unless specifically requested otherwise due to price concerns. You would be amazed at the difference having two photographers (for the same price that many individuals charge) at your wedding. With so many moments happening that are literally once in a lifetime, you’ll be happy to know we’ve got two sets of eyes at work.

WILL THERE BE A CONTRACT PROVIDED? YES. The contract, will detail what services we are providing, pricing, termination resolution terms, etc. A contract is created for your protection and our protection. It is best to hire a photographer that will create a contract with you, and be wary of photographers that “don’t typically create contracts for clients”.

DO YOU ALLOW ME TO CHOOSE A CERTAIN STYLE OF POST PRODUCTION? We do all of our own editing using the most advanced software and technology, and want you to trust us with those decisions. We’ll provide a preview of edited images within 24 hours of returning home and we will value your feedback from there as we move forward editing the rest of the photos. We want to give you EXACTLY what you are looking for and will do our best to use our post production skills to make that happen.

WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? Primary Cameras: Two Canon 6Ds Backup Cameras: Canon 60D, Canon 7D

Fun cameras: Canon Rebel XTI (infared) // Holga and INSTAX // Canon 35mm film

Lenses: Canon 85 mm F/1.8 // Canon 50mm F 1/.8 // Canon L 24-105mm F/2.0 // Canon 35mm F/2.0

On camera lighting: Canon Speedlite 600EX
Off-camera lighting: Canon Speedlite 580EX II w/ Pocket Wizard Trigger

Post: Apple 15” Macbook Pro (2) // Apple 21.5” iMac // Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop)

SHOULD MY EVENT LAST LONGER THAN SCHEDULED, WILL YOU STAY? IS THERE AN EXTRA CHARGE? The exact terms will be decided in the contract. Generally we will shoot for 8 hours. If you want us to stay for longer, we are happy to do so at a rate of $500/hour.


WHAT ATTIRE WILL YOU WEAR? Whatever you want us to wear. If you have no specific requests we will dress nice, but comfortable.

HOW LONG AFTER THE EVENT WILL THE PHOTOS BE READY? While, no two events run on exactly the same time frame, you can expect your edited photos delivered via a link with PASS.US within 3 weeks and a DVD mailed to you within 1 month. We will also provide you with a permanent album of all your high resolution photos online via a private album. NOTE: If we are extra busy during the time of your wedding these time frames may be adjusted, but we will always let you know ahead of time so you aren’t left waiting.

DOES THE PHOTOGRAPHER OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE PHOTOS? Yes, meaning you cannot sell the photos for profit or use them for personal branding without permission. You will be granted the printing rights and are welcome to print as many photos as you desire. You can also make as many copies of the photos to share with friends and family and keep for backups. On that note, we cannot always guarantee we will have copies of your photos if you lose them, due to storage limitations. We recommend backing up your images once you receive them, usually in at least two other places. You are also permitted to use the photos on social media, but we do ask that you try your best to leave them in tact. We spend hours upon hours editing your photos, using the most advanced techniques and software available. If you have a request for a different look/feel of a certain photo that you would like to print, we are happy to work with you to achieve the desired result.