The Cuckoo Booth Photo Booth is a step and repeat style photo booth with social media integration. We supply the camera, the backdrop, the props, and the iPad — you supply the people and the fun. The Cuckoo Booth is great for:


• Corporate Events • Weddings • Birthdays • Engagements
• Employee Events • Social Media Campaigns • Brand Building Events

3 Reasons Why You Want The Cuckoo Booth At Your Next Event

Reason #1: Making Memories That Last

The CuckooBooth is designed to ensure you will have fun, high quality photos from your special event. The blurry iPhone photos are great — in a pinch — but who wants to look back on those in 20 years and try to guess who’s in the picture? I think that looks like Mike & Cindy…

We digress. The CuckooBooth can be set up against any wall and/or utilize a backdrop provided by you. It’s portable, easy to set up, and delivers full resolution photos on the spot. We even have an iPad display where your guests can view their photos, and an email sign-up so they can be sure they get a link which provides access to the photos the following day. Talk about instant gratification.

Additionally, those little print outs from most photo booths are cool, but they only last so long. We can make those custom for you, reprint them as many times as you want, and save the digital files FOREVER.



Reason #2: It’s loads of fun (and not cheesy)

This is the number 1 photo booth when you google photo booth rentals in Los Angeles: Shutter Box Photo Booth. Why would we link to a competitor? Well, we don’t view them as a competitor. If you’re into that type of of booth – which is totally cool by the way – then by all means. But, if you’re looking for something a little more artistic, a bit unique, and a LOT of fun, then the Cuckoo Booth is the play.

We run the booth with real people who know how to get the party started. We encourage your guests to come and participate, which is particularly useful during that awkward hour when people are still arriving and the booze hasn’t started flowing. Before you know it, there will be a line forming out the door.

Reason #3: It’s Cool To Be Weird

With the Cuckoo Booth, you don’t have to stand still and try to frame your face into a little square and hope you and your significant other are actually in the picture. You can get crazy.

Jumping photos? Sure. 12 people in one shot? Awesome. Props? Let’s do this.

It’s personalized for you and will have your flair on it. In a world where creativity is the new literacy, the Cuckoo Booth is a refreshing option for the DIY types who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

Also, the photos can be used for thank you cards or turned into a video montage of the event [see below].



FAQS – Want to know more? Read our FAQs here: Cuckoo Booth Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles, CA photo booth rental for wedding receptions, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet 16's and private parties.

Have a crazy idea for your event? Let us know and we can make it happen. On-site printing? Gif photo booth? Slow-motion video booth? Custom backdrop or set? Your imagination is the only limiation. Our creative team loves a challenge.

Cuckoo Booth Video Timpelapse