About Us


Cuckoo’s Nest West offers a photography style that prefers the everyday, to the heroic — the real over the imaginary. We aim to tell a story with our cameras — your story — and take great pleasure when it all comes to life.


We met in the traditional sense… you know the typical story where boy stalks stalks girl’s travel blog and anxiously awaits her return to LA so he can ask her out on a date. Girls puts up her best fight, but eventually gives in. One the first date, boy forgets his wallet at home and girl has to pay. Classic love story.

We’ve been inseparable since.

Currently, we live in Southern California with our beautiful daughters, Harper & Hudson, and furry best friend Jasmine.

We hope to meet you soon.


Meet Jake

Hi, I’m Jake. I like to break the rules. I’ve been called a lot of things, but I think “freethinker” is probably my favorite. I grew up in rural Southeastern Pennsylvania and spent many Winters dreaming of the West Coast, so it makes sense that I now call California home.

I come from a family of creatives who have showcased their work professionally (much better than me), through acting, modeling, writing, designing, photographing, etc. I don’t like clocks, but I love cameras – I think it’s because a camera is the only way I’ve discovered to stop time.

I grew up surrounded by weddings (my parents owned and operating a wedding catering business for 20+ years) and have always loved seeing the unique ways people celebrate their special day. In addition to photography and design, I love my daughter, surfing, baseball, being Vegan, Apple®, trail-running, dogs, triathlons, sunflower seeds, and my girls.

My passion for creating is enhanced by the people I surround myself with, our gorgeous backyard (the Coast!), and my beautiful other half – you will find out more about her if you keep reading…

Meet Hailee

Hello. I’m Hailee. I’m a California native, born and raised in Orange Country. I felt a strong gravitational pull to move after High School and San Francisco was the big little city calling my name.

I wound up at SFSU where I studied Journalism and Art History. It was a completely new world,  I was immediately taken with the unique, dynamic, and diverse setting – a place I could finally fully express my creativity, meet the most wonderful people, and eat a lot of amazing food!

After college, I took off to see the world, or parts of it anyway–roaming through Europe and Asia. When the money dwindled, it was time to come home and start saving for the next adventure.

Little did I know, the next chapter was already being written, when I met a boy from Pennsylvania named Jake, and now I’m on my biggest adventure yet.

Besides photography and design, I enjoy crafting, yoga, cooking and baking delicious vegan food, being a mother & watching our daughter grow up (way too quickly!), good conversation, living-room dance parties with Harper and Veuve. Who doesn’t love Veuve!?!



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