Cheyenne & Sohan Married | Palos Verdes, CA

Cheyenne and Sohan met while studying at the University of California: Irvine. They lived in the same hall/dorm freshman year at UCI and had the same group of friends. As time passed they became closer and closer and eventually started dating. Now, they are the second pair from the same dorm hall to get married.

Here’s Cheyenne on the proposal:

“Sohan proposed on Labor Day Weekend 2016. It was hilarious and a typical evening we would have. We went to a fancy french restaurant overlooking Laguna Beach. I found a hair in my food and then there was a fly caked into the dessert macaroons. The waiter was also extremely high and clumsy and it was a hilarious disaster (he assured us the flies were a result of “the fu*king beach, mannnn.”) Then Sohan kept checking his watch to make sure we were at Victoria Beach for sunset. Sure enough, there were 10 million other people at the beach, including a wedding party, and three engagement shoots (one of which was an angry couple yelling at each other and the lady was crying). There were also many preteens and teens in bathing suits posing for Instagram photos. Even when Sohan tried to steer Cheyenne to other more secluded parts of the beach, random people would show up and ruin the moment. Finally after everyone left and Cheyenne was about to pass out from needing water, Sohan popped the question and we had a good laugh about the hilarious events/date. It was perfect.”

If you can endure a proposal fraught with missteps, marriage will be a piece of cake!

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