Taylor & Thomas Married | Palos Verdes, Ca

We were chit chatting with Thomas, the groom, a bit before the fist look. Jake asked him how he was feeling now that we were in the hour of their wedding ceremony. And Thomas replied he had never felt better in his life… and that up to that day he had felt a bit anxious, but only because of how ready he was for the chance to make his commitment to Taylor, his bride. His eye was set on getting a ring on his finger and living their lives side by side as husband and wife. It was such a beautiful conversation and it really served as a window to his kind and loving soul. It made the (modified) first look even that much more magical to witness. The two decided to not officially see each other before the ceremony, but have a few minutes together to hold hands around a corner to talk and calm any nerves the other might be feeling. We captured the moment from far away, and then snuck off to let Taylor and Thomas share some solo before becoming Mr. & Mrs. It was perfect.

This was followed by a beautiful ceremony, set at the Southcoast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes, surrounded by all their closest friends and family. Before heading to the reception, we made our very first trip to In and Out with a bride and groom! The couple was packing up to move cross country the following week, and this was their ode to California– the place they met and fell in love. We can cheers a (veggie) burger to that!

[Venue:Ceremony- Southcoast Botanic Garden// Reception- Abigaile (Ocean Bar)]

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