Cheyenne & Sohan Engaged | Newport Beach, CA

Sohan and Cheyenne describe their proposal as “perfect”, but also a slight comedy of errors. Sohan proposed Labor Day Weekend in Laguna Beach, so it was nice and quiet– not too many people around kind of weekend. Juuuust kidding! It was jam-packed with tourists and locals alike, enjoying the gorgeous weather, scenery and of course picturesque sunsets. They dined at a restaurant overlooking the water and sat at a table with a waiter they described as a “hilarious disaster,” who made the memorable meal even more memorable by dropping plates and using curse words freely during their conversations. Between him and the multiple flies they found in their food, Sohan was eager to get to the beach for that picturesque sunset and proposal spot. It took awhile to find that perfect proposal spot– and it wasn’t that ideal deserted beach you think of when you dream up this moment. But they navigated as best they could around the people, and Sohan was able to ask that burning question he had held back all night. And the couple that met in the dorms during their Freshman year at UCI, were officially the second pair from their group of dorm friends who would become husband and wife!

The week of their engagement photos, it was pouring rain. Not the typical light drizzle kind of rain we get in Southern California. It was the kind of rain that flooded the streets and helped solve our drought problems. Thankfully it decided to take a one day break and give us one of the most gorgeous days ever. The icing on the cake for gorgeous weather? Most people weren’t thinking of the beach during this week, and we were finally able to find that  deserted beach at sunset for them to celebrate their engagement. And what a sunset it was! We couldn’t be happier for these two lovebirds, or more excited to capture their wedding this summer in Palos Verdes!

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