Sheila & Soroosh Engaged | San Diego, CA

We had the pleasure of following these two San Diego residents and soon to be husband and wife, Sheila and Soroosh, around town on a really fun and gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Soroosh is in the process of completing his residency, so finding a free afternoon for them wasnt an easy feat! Thankfully we were given the most beautiful day! We started at Balboa Park, and made our way through the people, wedding parties and street performers to capture the couple in one of their favorite iconic SD locations.

Shelia and Sorrosh will tie the knot on Balboa Pier this May, but before that, there was this– three of Sheila’s favorite things: family, bowling and Flash Mobs. So Soroosh decided to put all three together when he proposed. He created a day of fun. It started with lunch, then mini golf and then bowling. Little known to Sheila, Soroosh had arranged her closest family and friends to come down and coordinated a Flash Mob. While bowling, Soroosh left to go to the “bathroom.” Really, he went to the front desk and told the guy to play Bruno Mars “Marry Me.” As the song played overhead, Sheila’s family and friends came dancing through the door and performed the Flash Mob. At the end, they created an aisle that he came down, got down on one knee and proposed. Sheila never actually said yes, but just shook her head.

We’re wondering… where’s the 🎥??!

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