Jessica & Arthur Married In Long Beach, California

When French and US culture collide, you get this incredible wedding between Jess & Arthur at the Ebell in Long Beach, California.

Jessica and Arthur had not one, not two, but three Weddings over the course of a year and a half, and this was the final act. Unfortunately for us, we only got to photograph one of them, but in our completely unbiased opinion this was definitely the best.

After the ceremony Jessica’s bridesmaids brought a little taste of France to the Wedding by orchestrating a game of scavenger hunt / musical chairs which involved a select few guests running into the crowd to gather random items like chap stick, belts, the bride’s shoe, etc. Whoever was last back to the chairs was eliminated. To say the guests were playing to win is an understatement (see photos).

We wish these two all the best.


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