Megan and Calvin Engaged | Pacific Palisades, CA

pacific palisades engagement photos

Megan and Calvin live, work, and play in Santa Barbara, CA – and will be getting Married there in the fall of 2019, but Megan is fortunate to have Grandparents who have one of the coolest houses we’ve ever been to, right off Sunset Blvd in the Pacific Palisades. I would describe the style of the house and decor as Artsy Old Hollywood Eclectic. Some inspiration from the decades and cultures that came before us. The bathroom has mirrors any way you look and the living room doesn’t have a TV. Just a place to sit around and share stories. Quite a cool little time capsule.

After spending some time in the house we ventured down the way to Temescal Canyon for some golden hour photos in nature. As for the couple

How They Met: At an 80s party during college in New York.

Favorite Date: They’re suckers for the old school dinner and a movie – particularly the drive-in. But also love a good cocktail bar and delicious food.

Pets: One cat named Chess

Biggest Pet Peeve: He thinks she uses too many dishes when she cooks; She thinks his adorable turtle soul can be frustrating (he’s slow!)

Favorite Thing About The Other: She thinks that he is amazingly caring and selfless; He thinks she is incredibly resourceful lending to an impressive sense of calm.

Something you both can’t live without: Chocolate and coffee.

Fun Fact: Moved across the country on an Amtrak Train.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂




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